The One Night I Wasn’t Alone

I was young, just the age of twenty three
When the reaper came to visit me
He said boy, ive come to have a talk with you
To tell you no matter what you do
There will come a time that your life ill take
And you’ll have to answer for your mistakes

I looked at him and I smiled wide
I said if you knew what I have inside
How my heart constantly battles my brain
And these thoughts have driven me insane
These lonely nights that I have had
And in me you can sense the sad

Look at me in my broken state
Filled with self doubt and self hate
Please just come and take me away
The favor you’d be doing me I couldn’t repay
So please Death please do tell
What’s it like down in Hell?

He smiled his crooked smile and with a grin
Told me that I was going to burn for all my sin
And that taking me now would be sweet justice
And that I most definitely didn’t deserve this
So for tonight I had to stay
Id have to go on living another day

I screamed at Death and I tried to talk rough
He told me to calm down I’d be with him soon enough
He turned around and told me not to stare
And I watched him as he vanished into thin air
Asked him why he left me what did he care
He had left me alone again standing there

Then it was quiet and I stared at the wall
Alone with my thoughts again as tears fall
I knew it wasn’t in the reapers fashion
But why couldn’t he have shown me some compassion
He could have ended all my strife
And ended this curse I call my life

Just then this light came though the night
And oh what a beautiful sight
An angel came down in the beam
And told me it wasn’t as bad as it seems
And that I was indeed loved
By the Father up above

That no matter what I had done
I was still His son
And that he was sent to tell me this
That even though my life wasn’t filled with bliss
And even if I couldn’t stand my own face
With God I would always have a place


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