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The Title of this Poem is Almost as Long as the Actual Poem

November 27, 2007

The rain seems so peaceful
So constant and beautiful
And aren’t our lives like rain drops?
They seem so high in the sky
Then they come crashing down
Pouring down to our end
And when it seems that the ground
Has come to close
We wake up and realize
We’re right back where we started.


The Ballad of the Guilty

November 18, 2007

He knew what he had done
And he deserved what this was
He stood up and he turned
Ready for that long walk to the finally
He was hoping the walk wouldn’t end
For if it did he knew it was over
And he wished to prolong that as much as anything

Then the steel door was slowly pushed open
And the chair came into view
They led him into the room and he had a seat
And he turned to all those families he had ruined
He began to sob and he began to weep
And he tried his best to tell them how sorry he was
And he knew that the price he was paying wasn’t steep

He had come to terms with dying
For the guilt he felt was way to much
And by pulling that lever
They’d be doing him a favor
He looked at their faces and he cried
As the electricity began to flow through his veins
He asked for forgiveness as he fried

The One Night I Wasn’t Alone

November 12, 2007

I was young, just the age of twenty three
When the reaper came to visit me
He said boy, ive come to have a talk with you
To tell you no matter what you do
There will come a time that your life ill take
And you’ll have to answer for your mistakes

I looked at him and I smiled wide
I said if you knew what I have inside
How my heart constantly battles my brain
And these thoughts have driven me insane
These lonely nights that I have had
And in me you can sense the sad

Look at me in my broken state
Filled with self doubt and self hate
Please just come and take me away
The favor you’d be doing me I couldn’t repay
So please Death please do tell
What’s it like down in Hell?

He smiled his crooked smile and with a grin
Told me that I was going to burn for all my sin
And that taking me now would be sweet justice
And that I most definitely didn’t deserve this
So for tonight I had to stay
Id have to go on living another day

I screamed at Death and I tried to talk rough
He told me to calm down I’d be with him soon enough
He turned around and told me not to stare
And I watched him as he vanished into thin air
Asked him why he left me what did he care
He had left me alone again standing there

Then it was quiet and I stared at the wall
Alone with my thoughts again as tears fall
I knew it wasn’t in the reapers fashion
But why couldn’t he have shown me some compassion
He could have ended all my strife
And ended this curse I call my life

Just then this light came though the night
And oh what a beautiful sight
An angel came down in the beam
And told me it wasn’t as bad as it seems
And that I was indeed loved
By the Father up above

That no matter what I had done
I was still His son
And that he was sent to tell me this
That even though my life wasn’t filled with bliss
And even if I couldn’t stand my own face
With God I would always have a place

How Knowing What Could Happen Does Not Mean You Can Escape

November 4, 2007

Chapter 1: All These Things Inside His Head

He tried to concentrate on the play before him, but he just couldn’t. Too much was going on inside his head. Those dreams he kept having, they seemed so real. He could see it in front of him as if he was having them again…. He wakes up in bed, awoken by the sounds of people chattering. He gets up, and walks forth into the cold night. What was going on? He comes around the corner, now able to see downstairs. There they were, the room packed with people, standing there and trying their best to see. He walks down, one step at a time, inching closer and closer to finding out the cause of this. He fights through the crowd, brushing into shoulder after shoulder. Finally he sees it. He sees a coffin, sitting there like it owns the place. He looks inside, his curiosity crushing his shyness and fear. He sees it. He gasps as he stares into his own lifeless face.

Chapter 2: How The Surrounded Can Feel The Loneliest

At that moment, he snaps back into the present. Placing his hands upon both sides of his face, he stares down into the dark. He is surrounded by people who have grown to love him. Yet he still feels an incredible burden ahead of him. He felt responsible for every last one who had lost their life. All he wanted to do was to hold together everyone, since he knew that would make them stronger. How could he ever expect to get a good nights sleep ever again? Every time he closes his eyes, he feels them all. He sees their mothers and their wives crying and cursing his name.

Chapter 3: An Abrupt Ending

His eyes focus back toward the play. He was told this was suppose to be humorous. Humor, something he had sorely missed and wished he could find again. Maybe now he would find the time to do so. He would have a little more free time now, with the great clash now over. However, he dreaded the work ahead of him. The healing had to begin, and so did forgiveness. How would he……………

Epilogue: What Someone At The Ford’s Theatre Saw

I turned and saw it, horrified. A pistol, pointed to the back of his head. I yelled for him to look but it was too late. With a puff of smoke and a loud bang, the back of his head exploded and he fell. The one with the gun jumped down, doing everything to get away. I looked at the limp body as tears began to fall from my eyes. The image I will always remember, the image I will never be able to get out of my head, was watching his long black top hat, rolling around on the floor of the balcony….

Halloween #3: No One Can Hear You

November 1, 2007

Scream all you wish
Scream all you want
You’re far to alone
For anyone to hear you
It’s only a matter of time before they get you

And how do I know all this?
For I too screamed
And I too yelled
And I too was far alone
And now im one of them