Halloween pt. 2 : What Am I?

Is your back turned yet?
Oh I hope it is
For I am here, hiding
Turn around all you want
You will not find me
I am the feeling you get
When someone is watching you
I am the goose bumps
That raise up upon your neck
I am that uneasy feeling you feel
When you’re in someplace new

Just hurry up and turn your back
I need that moment to strike
I will run and I will jump
And I will scratch and I will bite
And you won’t be able to stop me
For I am an unseen force
I am the ghosts that just wont go
That refuse to leave
I am the moans you hear
When you walk into a graveyard at night

Turn your back now!
I am in position and ready
Just accept that you are not alone
In the middle of the night
I am those demons
You always hear about
I am the cold wind
That howls and whines
I am the tree branch
Scratching up against your window
How can you not figure it out yet
Who I just may be
You know those inner demons?
That’s me, smiling as I torment you


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