The Train of Truth

The sound in the distance
Signals the coming of a new era
Piercing the air as it travels
Bursting through the fog

The train of life has arrived
Now its my time to shine
Not even realizing
That im tied down on the tracks

The train is so black and cold
Yet so full of light
It cuts through mountains
It hurls through caves

I am powerless against it
Im not strong enough to stop it
I close my eyes and clench my fists
Is this how its going to end?

What happened am I alive?
Did I die and end up somewhere?
Maybe im in the sort of limbo
Maybe im now worse off then before

Now that train is out to get me
To show me where I go
Do I go to God above
Or do I go to Hell below



One Response to “The Train of Truth”

  1. Amy Wolfe Says:

    I’m glad you decided to post this one!

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