God or Hold Me In My Hour of Need

My God my God
Can you hear me
My God my God
Must I shout even louder?

I have lost comfort
And I have lost hope
Could faith be next?
My God my God

Do not let me worry
Do not let me fail
Do not let me die
All alone upon a hill

My God, My Lord
I fear you do not exist
For I am so lonely
And I feel so afraid

Is death as dark as I think?
Will this be my end?
I’m so claustrophobic
And I cannot escape my coffin

My God my God
Is that you?
My God my God
I feel a warmth inside me

You are my comfort
You are my hope
You are my faith
My God my God

And when I curse you
And I scream obscenity
You will open your arms
And My God will hold me


One Response to “God or Hold Me In My Hour of Need”

  1. Joyce Hostetter Says:

    I really like this lyric. And you know what? There is one line that I read two different ways. (Could faith be next?) The first time I read it I thought you were saying Could I gain faith from this loss and darkness? Like maybe you were saying the sadness might draw you to God and increase your faith.

    Today when I read it I realized you were probably saying, Could my faith be the next thing I will lose?

    But really, I like my first interpretation best. Sometimes it is the darkness that draws us and increases our faith. I hope it is that way for you!

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