Faith or Is Seeing Really Believing

Is faith a creation of man?
Something we made to comfort us?
Or is it something real
Something we know we must have

What makes one faithful?
Is it simply believing?
If we question you faith,
Do we lose the right to keep you?

Faith, what are you?
Just tell me what you are
I must know faith
I must know if I still have you

Is faith believing
When all else tells you not to?
Or is it a feeling in your soul
Something you grasp onto and hold

I pity you faith
Being questioned all the time
Are you real faith?
Or are you born from my mind

I have questions for you faith
Are you the product of hope?
Are you simply there for my comfort?
Do I really need you?

Im so sorry faith
You have kept me going
Believing in something bigger then I
You kept my fire flickering

I need you faith
I swear I won’t leave you again
I wish I could stop myself from questioning
For you never question me….


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