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Halloween pt. 2 : What Am I?

October 29, 2007

Is your back turned yet?
Oh I hope it is
For I am here, hiding
Turn around all you want
You will not find me
I am the feeling you get
When someone is watching you
I am the goose bumps
That raise up upon your neck
I am that uneasy feeling you feel
When you’re in someplace new

Just hurry up and turn your back
I need that moment to strike
I will run and I will jump
And I will scratch and I will bite
And you won’t be able to stop me
For I am an unseen force
I am the ghosts that just wont go
That refuse to leave
I am the moans you hear
When you walk into a graveyard at night

Turn your back now!
I am in position and ready
Just accept that you are not alone
In the middle of the night
I am those demons
You always hear about
I am the cold wind
That howls and whines
I am the tree branch
Scratching up against your window
How can you not figure it out yet
Who I just may be
You know those inner demons?
That’s me, smiling as I torment you


Halloween #1: Hide And Seek

October 26, 2007

Hide and seek….
Do not peek
For they are hiding now
Hiding in places of darkness
Hiding in places unseen
And when you are done counting
And are looking around
That is when they will grab you
And pull you into their reality
And there will not be a sound
How can you hope to find a shadow
Hiding in the night?
Do not peek…
For they are hiding now…
Hide and seek

The Sad Story of the Welcome Mat

October 20, 2007

The welcome mat on the floor
it says the nicest things
its welcoming and true

you can tell it your secrets
and make you feel joy
so what do you do?

you step on it
walk all over its face
leaving your footprints of dirt

and when it becomes to dirty
you take it out and beat it
releasing all your anger and hurt

so this is the ode to the welcome mat
for it is strong yet sings sad songs
and takes all our abuse

it can’t keep feeling clean
for it has took this for years
it’s accustomed to being used

how do we thank the welcome mat
for listening to our tears
we step all over its face

and when the dirt gets to much
and the beatings won’t work anymore
its time for it to be replaced

The Train of Truth

October 17, 2007

The sound in the distance
Signals the coming of a new era
Piercing the air as it travels
Bursting through the fog

The train of life has arrived
Now its my time to shine
Not even realizing
That im tied down on the tracks

The train is so black and cold
Yet so full of light
It cuts through mountains
It hurls through caves

I am powerless against it
Im not strong enough to stop it
I close my eyes and clench my fists
Is this how its going to end?

What happened am I alive?
Did I die and end up somewhere?
Maybe im in the sort of limbo
Maybe im now worse off then before

Now that train is out to get me
To show me where I go
Do I go to God above
Or do I go to Hell below

The Songs We Sang as Kids

October 15, 2007

London bridge has fallen down
And it must be resurrected
Without it all is lost
How can we get from one side to the other?

With ashes to ashes we all fall down
Picking up sticks that have fallen to the ground
As the rain comes tumbling down
How will we survive if we can’t swim?

When the cow jumped over the moon
Did he look down?
Did he see the darkness covering the earth
Without light does innocence still exist?

When all of our fairy tales have deserted us
And our child songs have long gone
What will hold us and comfort us
Protect us from the monsters in our dreams

God or Hold Me In My Hour of Need

October 9, 2007

My God my God
Can you hear me
My God my God
Must I shout even louder?

I have lost comfort
And I have lost hope
Could faith be next?
My God my God

Do not let me worry
Do not let me fail
Do not let me die
All alone upon a hill

My God, My Lord
I fear you do not exist
For I am so lonely
And I feel so afraid

Is death as dark as I think?
Will this be my end?
I’m so claustrophobic
And I cannot escape my coffin

My God my God
Is that you?
My God my God
I feel a warmth inside me

You are my comfort
You are my hope
You are my faith
My God my God

And when I curse you
And I scream obscenity
You will open your arms
And My God will hold me

My Dance with the Queen

October 7, 2007

She sits next to me at the table
Wearing her elegant gown
She looks into my eyes
And whispers into my ear
Would you care to dance?

My queen just asked me to dance
How wonderful and magical
My queen just made my day
How wonderful and magical
My queen just asked me to dance
How wonderful and magical
My queen just asked me to dance
Ill try not to step on her feet

She places my hand upon her side
And takes my other into hers
Our fingers become intertwined
I hope I know the right stance
My dance with the queen begins

My queen just asked me to dance
How wonderful and magical
My queen just made my day
How wonderful and magical
My queen just looked into my soul
How wonderful and magical
My queen just asked me to dance
I hope the music never stops

And we danced the night away my queen and me
And we danced the night away my queen and me
And we danced the night away

Then slowly it became a blur
And I cursed my now awakened state

Faith or Is Seeing Really Believing

October 5, 2007

Is faith a creation of man?
Something we made to comfort us?
Or is it something real
Something we know we must have

What makes one faithful?
Is it simply believing?
If we question you faith,
Do we lose the right to keep you?

Faith, what are you?
Just tell me what you are
I must know faith
I must know if I still have you

Is faith believing
When all else tells you not to?
Or is it a feeling in your soul
Something you grasp onto and hold

I pity you faith
Being questioned all the time
Are you real faith?
Or are you born from my mind

I have questions for you faith
Are you the product of hope?
Are you simply there for my comfort?
Do I really need you?

Im so sorry faith
You have kept me going
Believing in something bigger then I
You kept my fire flickering

I need you faith
I swear I won’t leave you again
I wish I could stop myself from questioning
For you never question me….

Hope or How to Avoid a Lifeless Life

October 3, 2007

I do not wish to part from you
I need you hope
We need you
Please do not forsake us just as comfort has

Please do not go from us
You are all that’s left
You are what we hold on to
When all else has gone into oblivion

Do not part from me hope
I beg of you
Wrap us in your blanket
And keep us warm in the cold air of winter

Please hope please
Just stay a little longer
You are all that’s left
For oblivion is on it’s way

Where are you?
I can’t find you anywhere
You have abandoned me
There is no hope..

Is that you knocking?
I can barely see you
Are you coming closer?
Ill run to you with open arms….