The Story Of The Dancing Leaves

The leaves are blowing in the wind
as if God is making them dance
the leaves love this feeling
this feeling of freedom
the branch they are stuck to can only hold them so
till the mighty wind decides its time
time for the leaves to go
then they will sail away
float as close to weightlessness as can be
the leaves believe they are where they want to be
nothing can hold them back now
they float and they dance their way to the ground
until they softly land
they had already begun to change color
gone from green to red
this day could not get any better they decided
all the leaves in agreement
but ah how cruel fate can be
their smiles were quickly turned
as they then knew their fate
without the tree holding them
they had a date with death
it was to late now
they could no longer go back
oh how they wish they could change the events
that led to their end
if only they had let the tree hold them
instead of floating away
this was the final stand for them
no where else to go but black
they begged the tree for forgiveness
and to please take them back
the leaves lives were now sealed
there would be no more dancing
a victim to their own selfishness
watch the leaves as they try to dance now


One Response to “The Story Of The Dancing Leaves”

  1. Amy Says:

    Glad you posted this one – I was looking for it!

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