Comfort or Here Comes the Big One Hold Your Breath

Riding the waves of discomfort
isn’t that what living really is?
What is comfortable but just a word
A word that means nothing
Those skyscraper waves wash all away
Waves so high they block out the sun
Sending the world tumbling into darkness
Comfort….can it be real?
The evidence points to the contrary
Can we ever really feel safe?
Comfort….what a funny little word.
How do we know that comfort does not exist?
The tragedies that befall humanity.
The tragedies that befall one single heart
These tragedies beat that heart
Making sure it knows its useless
Comfort….what cruel joke this word is
How can we ever be comfortable
When the world beckons us outside
Comfort…..oh comfort….
You do not exist
You must not
For if you do exist oh comfort…
Then you have abandoned me
And my hope is lost


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