The Scorpion And The Battle of the Flooding Valley

Chapter 1:  To Rise Up Early

He awoke from his slumber.  The air was nice and crisp.  This was to be a grand day!  The scorpion sits up and starts to stretch, sensing in that very moment how amazing the sunlight was.   Nothing could go wrong today.  The world was his to conquer!  Nothing was going to stand in his way.  Then the rumbling from inside him began.  His just awoken state had covered up this crippling feeling.  This feeling of hunger.  What was the scorpion going to do?  He had enjoyed his slumber.  Now was the time for food…

Chapter 2:  To Spy An Eight Legged Lunch

The scorpion knew what must be done.  His instincts told him what to do.  As if some supreme being had downloaded instructions on how to live into his brain.  He knew that if he didn’t find something to eat soon he would surely die.  He would go insane.   He went out into the sunlight and searched around.  Then he saw it.  He saw his prey.  A little spider had decided to be strong and brave herself out into the open.  The scorpions eyes grew wide with delight.  This was it!  This proved that everything was going to work out today.  The scorpion crept his way to the spider.  Oh what delicious prey!  He just hoped he wouldn’t have to fight her…

Chapter 3:   To Enjoy The Victory

The battle was long and fierce.  Legs attacked without abandon.  The spider knew this was life or death.  Her many eyes fill with dread and fear.  The scorpion grins as he draws his tail back and strikes again and again, until she’s long gone.  Until the spider stops twitching.  Until her eyes become still and discolored.   The scorpion grins his happy little grin.  He had earned this meal.  He had earned his right to be the one dining.  He clicked his pinchers together in anticipation.  Just as he was about to rip in, just as he was about to eat his fill, the raindrops began to plummet…..

Chapter 4:    Rains Came A Tumbling Down or How to Survive the Oncoming Flood

The rain was falling.  And it didn’t stop.  It just continued to fall.  Suddenly, the ground beneath the scorpion turned into a rising flood.  What was he to do?  He wasn’t made to swim.   He then spotted it.  His prize was floating in the other direction!  He swam the best he could.  Pushing water back with his claws over and over, doing his best to propel himself forward.   His eyes began to water as he stretches his claws out, trying his best to reach what he had worked so hard for.  No matter what he did he could not reach.  He began to weep as he watched his lunch float away, never to see it again.   He screamed out into the dark clouds.  This was suppose to be his perfect day!  He was suppose to conquer it as if it was his destiny!   What was he to do now?  He was alone with his thoughts, just floating without hope, riding a dying leaf that had floated by.   How was he to survive….had his instincts failed him?  Or had he been shown that he had no control, that his day had been spent selfishly, just wanting to survive?    What was he to do…..


One Response to “The Scorpion And The Battle of the Flooding Valley”

  1. Joyce Moyer Hostetter Says:

    Now that breaks my heart! And I don’t even like scorpions. But I can feel his frustration…

    By the way – my favorite line? “A little spider had decided to be strong and brave herself out into the open.” I like the use of the word brave as a verb! Ah, you have the makings of a great writer!

    Good story! And if you want to know what I think an editor might say, just ask.

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