The Heart

The heart, is it a muscle?
Is it where feelings come from?
Is it where the soul resides
Where the essence is jailed
It can feel so happy
It can feel so light
Yet it can feel so heavy
And it can feel so dark
As if nothing but shadows
Creep inside to choke the soul out

The heart, is it where faith hides?
Is it where our fears live?
Is it where evil lurks?
Where another evil waits to be born
It is what makes man a slave
And woman a lady of the night
It can overpower the brain
And make us see mirages
While the rest of you
Tries to make sense of things

The heart, is it where pain digs?
Where suffering decides to stay?
Is it where scars live?
Where scars continue to grow?
Can it be where love blooms?
And where hate blossoms?
Can it be the place
Where one decides to be human
Or to become a monster?
How can the heart hold so much?

The heart, is it where our lights shine?
Is it where one can see it flicker out?
Will your heart become a beacon?
A lighthouse to the dark shadows of boats
Or will your heart become a black hallway
Where all loving thoughts go to die
Where vines have grown around it
And choked all the shine out
Where the thorns have pierced the hard shell
That has grown around your center

My heart, can you survive without sun?
Can you make it with all that rain
Can you dry up all the wetness
And take away the pain?
Can you handle that armor that surrounds you
The precautions I took to protect you
To keep you from hurting again
To protect you from these bruises
I did all I could to keep you safe heart
And yet you’re still black and blue

My heart, covered with deep trenches of agony
Is it to late to save you heart?
Each beat is just a timer
that’s counting down to the end
Till the body has no fuel
And drops before the buzzards descend
I can feel the light and the dark battle inside you
To the victor gets the spoils of my character
Can I save you heart? Can I put you in His light?
Or will I let one of God’s miracles sputter and die

My heart, I make you seem so strong
Yet you are so brittle
You are where language creates beauty
You are where songs burst forth
You are where poems leak
And where I can hear God words
So heart, while you know what’s real
The hardness around you is cracking
And its almost to much to bear
But I feel this inkling of warm
I can feel that God is near…


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