Cry of the Lost volume 3: Sailing the Sweeping Ocean

He’s on the maiden voyage
Sailing his way home
Oh how the water seems so peaceful
So beautiful and blue
He stares at the ripples
And smiles from ear to ear
The ocean becoming his mistress
He thanked God for her
As his vessel pushed through
Then with a bang
And the sound of a screech
The boat began to sink
And the horizon began to rise
He screamed up into the night
Blaming God for his coming demise
He looked down into the oncoming blue
He grit his teeth and clinched his fists
Knowing full well he will no longer exist
He took his last gulp of breath
And slowly closed his eyes
The flooding waters then washed over him
Engulfing him whole
His last thoughts were not what he expected
They weren’t about his life or his boat
They weren’t about the ocean
Oh God how could I pretend
That you didn’t care
Im so sorry that I hated you
And blamed you for all wrong
Then with his last breath
He took one last look
And saw the blurry blue
The cold hid his final tears
Oh God please forgive me
Oh God I love you

With the last of his strength
He cried out once more
Please God Oh Please
Then he heard the trumpets
The blaring of the horns
And he felt so warm
And everything seemed so bright
A smile appeared across his lips
He finally felt a sense of peace
While his body floated in the deep blue mess
Thank you God for saving me
He said as his body drifted into nothingness


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