Cry of the Lost volume 2: The Ugly Duckling

Finally I see some light
I see it shine as the shell cracks
And my beak peaks through
Oxygen finally fills my lungs
I break out of the shell
And im surrounded by my family
I see my mother oh how grand
She’s stunning and beautiful
Looking around at my brothers
And my wonderful sisters
They all stop and stare
I can watch as their eyes adjust
Their shrieks fill the air
My mother turns her back
And leaves me on my own

Why do I have to be
The ugly duckling
Why couldn’t it be somebody
Who isn’t me
Im the ugly duckling

Why do I even exist
If I am to look this way
What kind of a cruel joke
Is being played
Why must I have these wings
If I cant even get off the ground
Walking around the humans
Hoping one would just step on me

Why do I have to be
The ugly duckling
Why couldn’t it be somebody
Who isn’t me
Im the ugly duckling

My short life seems so bleak
And I seem so lost
Im the ugly one of the pack
To hideous for my family
And right as I was about to give up
I was swept up into warm hands
A bright glow wrapped around me
Then I heard a voice coming through
Breaking through the gray sky
“you may think you’re the ugly duckling
But you are the most beautiful one
I gave you a wonderful soul little one
You will sprout amazement
And you will cause awe
All those people who keep you down
Who throw dirt on your soul
They don’t know why I put you here
So before you go to your own darkness
Think about what im going to say
I gave you an amazing beautiful soul
Put it to good use someday
I have plans for you duckling
And I make no mistakes”

I thought I was the ugly duckling
But God says different
Gods hands keep me warm
And holds my fate….


3 Responses to “Cry of the Lost volume 2: The Ugly Duckling”

  1. Amy Wolfe Says:

    Its so awesome that God see’s what other people fail to look at. Remember that those who throw dirt on our soul’s, are struggling with the same things we are. Maybe they just haven’t gotten to the place where they hear God speak a special word just for them yet.

    Keep writing and sharing!

  2. Sonya Says:

    Beautifully written. You are special. God does see each of us as special and beautiful. God makes no mistakes. God will use you when you least expect it! Shhhh….I will remember not to mention your identity! 🙂

  3. Joyce Moyer Hostetter Says:

    I think it was Hans Christian Anderson who wrote the original Ugly Duckling story.

    How did he know how we all feel? Because the more personally we write, the more universally we write!

    I believe these sentiments are some that we all feel. Thanks for speaking for the rest of us too.

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