I am clumsy and broken
Even my shadow limps
The stars no longer bring me comfort
Winning personality doesn’t win in the end
Good guys do indeed finish last
Who needs self esteem?
Like its really that important
All it does is get in the way
Shoving in pride along the way
A zombie has more use then me
Eating brains for a living
Digesting what others had learned
Stealing their thoughts and memories
don’t tell me what you think of me
It’s the last thing I want to hear
Just let me bury this regret and fear
Deep down inside of me
Cant let it out gotta be a man
Only cry when no one sees you
cry when only ghosts are there to watch you
The chills they send you you’re only comfort
Their cold lifeless fingers caress your cheeks
Wiping the tears from your eyes
Saying “it’ll be alright son
You’ll be with us soon”


One Response to “Clumsy”

  1. Sonya Says:

    You are very gifted. Thank you for sharing a side of you we don’t normally see. God has given you gifts. Don’t pull yourself down, be lifted up with God. He has great plans for you. Allow Him to lead you on this journey of life!

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