Where Have The Good Men Gone

Where Have the Good Men Gone?

Listen to the sound
Leaves hitting the ground
And the trees are tossed
The life is lost
In the lost town
Not a ghost was found
This is not the time
To commit a crime
Punishment is severe
People fill with fear
A good nights sleep
Can never be
There is no light
Screams at night
This is not the end
This is where it begins
The superstitious ones
Say we are all done
So many signs
No innocent to find
Where have the good men gone
They left us here alone
At night the town cries
Sing me a lullaby
If only it were true
That our love blooms
But it withers away
It was never goin to stay
Car runs off the road
Crashes into the cold
Fate would be fed
The driver was dead
No longer say that we will die today
For the braves were born
Out of lives that were torn
The sun will set
Ending our life debt
Then it will rise
Blinding our own eyes
The coward carries a gun
To end everyones fun
The sound rings out
Everyone screams and shouts
Bullet flies through the air
Hunting down with a stare
Put their lives to the test
He was struck in the chest
They thought he was dead
Stains where he had bled
Why was he shot
Bullet pierced his heart
The coward turned the gun
Ending his own fun
The town turned and gasped
As his body soon collapsed
This is the end
Not where we begin
Chest filled with lead
Now he is dead


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