As cities burn and smolder
Ashes gracefully fall like snow
When a new car smashes into a wall
It still has that new car smell

As a tree in the woods becomes rotted
The surrounding trees hold it up
When two strong towers crumble to the ground
Beings come together to pick up rubble

As a man steals an old ladies purse
He buys bread for his hungry family
As the snap of whips slash a slaves skin
Their blood and sweat builds a pyramid

As one man beats his wife
Another tells his that he loves her
When lava blasts up forth into the air
A new place of discovery is created

As a man is hung up on splinters
And a spear pierces his side
When He cries out to His father
Forgiveness became ours


One Response to “As”

  1. Admirer of your talent Says:

    Love this – you are sooo talented!!!!

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