The Adventures of What Happens To Be Hopeful Tale

May 17, 2012

A friend of mine gave me three words and I was to write something using those three words. Those words were mesh, collaborate, and pearl.

He was a lonely, lonely man
Living in a lonely, lonely land
He was no diamond in the rough
He was no pearl just below the surface

He would walk the lonely, lonely road
His skin would mesh with the cold
He could no longer hear the birds sing
For they died of lonely hearts and lonely wings

He looked up into the lonely, lonely sky
As a tear would fill his lonely, lonely eye
His face could no longer celebrate
For there was no one left to collaborate

Shooting stars filled the lonely, lonely night
As the bats took their lonely, lonely flights
And the man remembered being torn apart
By his broken and lonely, lonely heart.

The Angels saw the lonely, lonely man
They concocted some sort of a plan
Just as the man forgot about Grace
He felt the warmth of the Angels embrace.

Tho there are still some lonely, lonely days
The man is getting by in this lonely, lonely place
Since the Angels wrapped him in their warm embrace
And he was reminded of that gift of Grace.


How A Group Of Gnomes Could Save A Life

May 2, 2012

*I was given four words to make a poem out of, let’s see how I did on a half asleep brain*

The sad man lived alone in his lonely house.
Just him and the gnomes.
The crazy things about gnomes you see
Is how they’re quieter than a mouse.

The gnomes could see how the man would stare.
For he was their friend.
And he grinned no longer
Just surrounded by the smell of incense and despair.

If the gnomes could make the man laugh, just once more.
Then that’d be a victory.
And the gnomes could dance.
A great bookend for a weekend with smiles in store.

The gnomes could see the lonely man’s eyes.
Almost aqua like in their blue.
All the gnomes knew
That they and the man would always be allies.

What the Heart and Fools Gold Have in Common

February 10, 2012

There was a gold rush
Where men would kill other men
Just for the sight of it

But it’s just fools gold you see
Worth less than the dirt on your heels
But it sure is pretty to look at

The package is pretty
But the insides are rough
Although that gold does shine

We pretend to show our gold side
While we are torn up inside
So we are pretty to look at.

We are just fools gold you see
But we could be worth more
If we could just shine our hearts up.

To Sink Or To Swim: The Unauthorized Biography of the Great White

November 15, 2011

There was a lonely shark
cursed with a loving heart
he tried his best to be someone else

but there was a problem you see
he was still a shark you see
tho he’d shed a tear as he bit you in two

every once in a while
he’d try to smile
but nothing could hide his pointy teeth

oh how could this be?
a self loathing great white
with sadness in his heart
as he gnashes and bites

Party Like It’s the End of the Line

September 16, 2011

Perhaps my demons are too much
Too much for one man
I’ve invited them all to the party
I was told to kick ’em out.
But they’ve already RSVP’d
And I may not be a good man
But I’m a gracious host.

What I Was

September 9, 2011

I was a brown bear
With my brown hair
My claws could cut through steel

I was a buzzard
With my fellow birds
Circling around for the kill.

I was a jackle
With my evil cackle
Laughing out into the wind

I was a great white
With my deadly might
Biting off a passing fin.

I was a red ant
Surrounded by dead ants
Running from the bees

I was a Tyrannosaur
A ferocious dinosaur
Ending lives and breaking trees

Between Truth And That Other Place You Can Only See If You Squint Really Hard

September 1, 2011

my faith and the flies are the same you understand? They’re just flying around my carcass trying to find a place to land

When the darkness comes and camoflauges my shame, I’ll reach into the night and hope for God’s grace

the thing about grace is that it’s not something you deserve. it’s a selfless gift given not something you’ve earned.

In Whence The King Only Rules Himself

August 4, 2011

He called himself a king, you see
He called himself his majesty
He was proud of his savagery
He was a king of barbarity

His guilty conscience gone, you see
He ruled himself so casually
He blocked out all the casualties
He was a king of vulgarity

He was a king who was obsessed
He was a king full of wickedness
He was a king known for atrociousness
He was a king known for viciousness

He was not a king for long, you see
He had to answer for his atrocities
He had to pay for his brutality
His kingdom now a democracy

My Apologies To Yahweh

August 2, 2011

I’m like the priest
Walking by the dying man
Collecting God’s money as fast as I can

I’m the older brother
When the Prodigal returned
Screaming that I never got what I deserved

I’m a little Judas
I wish I were a John
Betraying Yahweh as I’m singing His songs

What Does Sorrow Know About The Ways of the World

July 25, 2011

No one deserves a broken heart
O how I know I hate mine

But it’s what I do have
I prayed to God for a sign

It was clear He wasn’t listening
I did not know where to start

Would I just always be stuck with
This poor defenseless pathetic heart

I showed my heart to the Devil
He said “Now what would I want with this?”

He slammed it down onto the table
He screamed that it was useless

So I put my heart back inside me
I shivered as I felt it’s cold

I traveled the paths in the woods
As the lonely days made me grow old

Just me alone in the wilderness
Holding a useless heart in my depths

I walked the path of loneliness
Keeping a cold stone in my chest